Your About Page Should Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand &
Attract Lots Of Clients

Alas, most About Pages read like classified ads. Here's why yours doesn't have to.

Business owners, can you relate ...  

  • "My website would be done by now if I could just finish that *#*#@!! About Page.."
  • "How do I balance writing about me versus writing about my business?"  
  • "I hate to write about myself. Really."  
  • "I don't have a heart-breaking story to tell. I just worked hard to get where I am. " 
  • "Let's face it: writing an about page is a PITA. I don't even know where to begin."  

You’re in the right place if you ARE your brand...

And you're stuck because...

  • "promotion" feels like "boasting"
  • prospects don't "get" how you deliver value
  • your new business demands a new story
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You probably know these 3 essential truths about your About Page...

  • Prospects want to get a sense of the person behind the website (but they don't want to become your BFF or therapist)
  • Nobody wants to work with a timid little person who tiptoes around her brilliance
  • Prospects want you to be confident you can help them (because you're the Real Deal and you've earned this -- no imposters here)

But you're haunted by outdated advice from your long-ago schooldays...

about page coopywriting

The nail that stands out gets pounded down."

"If you do your work well, the world will take notice."

...that has no place in the entrepreneurial world, where you've learned that...

the nail that stands out gets rewarded with lots of clients. ..

and if you do your work but don't shout out your story, you might become the world's best-kept secret...

...which won't do anything for your bottom line.

copywriting for websites

Write this down somewhere:
A story-based, client-focused About Page will transform your business.

You feel good about your website because you're drawing on your strengths, not trying to borrow someone else's personality.

You're not doing sleaze. You're helping your clients feel comfortable working with you...and that is the first step to solving their problems.

copywriting about page
copywriting special by cathy goodwin

When your About Page is working, you'll attract...

... more clients who fit your definition of "ideal"

... faster signups because they feel they know you

... clients who trust you and value what you have to offer

...more free time because you're not spending weeks tweaking the copy on your About Page

... a website you. can be proud of (and most important ... one that is DONE, not waiting for that dreaded About Page to be finished)

There's no reason to settle for an About Page that feels like it belongs on someone else's website.

You've got the goods. Now let's deliver them.

I'm Cathy Goodwin. For over a decade, I've been writing About Pages for business owners like you.

And my new course will help you create an About Page that supports your business strategy and your brand. No need to take another copywriting course!

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Why wait? Your website needs to get to work, bringing you clients! Let's do this.

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Writing your About Page just got a whole lot easier.

About Page Stories is a copywriting course for business owners who want to write an About Page that reinforces their message and delivers their marketing strategy. They aren't interested in becoming copywriters. They want to write an About page that sells ... a page that helps clients answer the question, "Why should I hire you?"

Module 1: The Surprising Place To Start Your Page

To attract clients with your About Page, start with your clients' stories - stories they tell themselves and stories they tell you.

small business brand for about page

Module 2: Build your brand with your About Page.

Use your story archetype to create a consistent message that leads to productive, profitable client relationships.

stories that sell

Module 3: Use a simple strategy to construct your page, block by block.

Let's make this easy. Set up your About Page with 4 building blocks, customized to reinforce your story archetype.

No more wondering "what to write" and "what goes where." You'll get a custom guide based on your archetype.

Module 4: Add some spice to your page so you stand out from the crowd (and you love sending prospects to a page that's so YOU).

Craft compelling headlines, showcase "the real you" without showing off, recognize when you're ready for liftoff, and more.


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