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Write An About Page That Makes You Look Like A Rockstar (Even If You HATE To Talk About Yourself) 

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Write your client-attracting, lead-generating About Page ... even if you are not a copywriter.  

Write Your About Page In 28 Days  

A Hands-On, Get-It-Done Workshop For Solo-Preneurs and Independent Professionals

Most business owners see their About Page as a tell-all, true confessions life story ... spiced with a pinch of hype and topped off with "who can believe this" boasting points. They're wrong!

Your About Page gives you … 

… a connection to your ideal clients. They’re probably more scared of hiring you than of living with their pains and problems. So they go straight to your About Page when they’re ready to get serious about handing over their credit card. 

… a place to demonstrate why your ideal clients should choose you and not your competitors. Use a few insider copywriting tools get rock-solid credibility (and avoid subtle signals that make prospects wonder if you can pull this off).

… a gateway to build rapport with your audience and put more of yourself into your writing -- they'll remember you as friendly, approachable and on the same wavelength 

And if you're like most business owners, your About Page is the ONE page you HATE to write. 

After all, you're a professional -- not a slimey, scummy salesperson. And you aren't sure what belongs on the page (especially if you don't have a dramatic rags-to-riches story, an Ivy League degree, or a background that's perfectly related to what you offer). 

Good news: You can still enjoy the glorious benefits of a high-converting About Page.  

The About Page Workshop will help you ... 

  • write an About Page that will have your competitors wondering if you've got a secret copywriter on speed dial 
  • know exactly what to share about yourself (without getting too personal or taking the focus away from your target audience)
  • demonstrate exactly how you help clients who are hungry for solutions (even when they're feeling scared and skeptical)  
  • shift your mindset to banish the ghost of the used car salesman and promote yourself with pride  
  • reveal your true brand personality --- this helps you strengthen your message and stand out from the competition 
  • enjoy the incomparable "Done and published!" experience when you've completed the course (fireworks and champagne recommended but not included in this course) 

I’m Cathy Goodwin. I've helped hundreds of business owners create About Pages that spoke directly to their ideal clients.  

My goal is to help you get more comfortable with promoting yourself and your business. You're a professional and your promotion will reflect your expertise and your strengths.

Hate to write? Want to show your human side without getting too personal? Need to get this done so you can put your website to work (and build up your bio all over the web, too)? 

Introducing "The About Page Workshop"

When you complete your assignments, you get more than information and ideas. You walk away with a completed About Page, ready to share on your website. And you'll leverage your About Page to write social media bios, speaker bios, and more. 

When you do the work, you'll walk away with a completed About Page. Get 4 modules with exercises, templates and cheat sheets. Each module includes a live lesson and a study guide. You also get access to a Facebook page with additional resources.  

Most important, you get personal, one-to-one attention from me - not a coach or assistant. I'll be with you every step of the way until your page is up and you feel good about it. 

Each module will be offered in a live call. A recording of the call will be available, usually immediately. If you can't attend, you're invited to submit questions ahead of time (or after the call, to be answered via post or video on Facebook).  

MODULE 1: Think About Pages are just for sharing your life story? Wrong. Get ready to discover ...

  • Exactly what communicates "I'm the expert!" more than your credentials and qualifications. (This is what gets you the bigger clients and bigger fees.) 
  • How a shy, sensitive intovert enjoys an edge when it comes to promoting your business in a BIG way. 
  •  3 strategies to begin to enjoy writing about yourself
  • How to write a focused About Page when you offer multiple services (without suggesting a split personality)

MODULE 2: Transform your About Page from Classified Ad to Great Connector. Get started ...

  • Identifying what your prospects want to know about you before they hit the buy button
  • Developing your brand personality (it's not the same as the social personality you share with your BFF)
  • Finding the story you need to share on your About Page (and the technique to tell it effectively)
  • Sketching the outline of your About Page (choose from 3 templates or get help creating your own)

MODULE 3: Let's make it happen! You're ready to draft your About Page ...

  • Replace "About Me" with a headline that immediately helps visitors recognize your value 
  • Use a few simple copywriting tricks that the pros use to persuade (without losing your own voice) 
  • Make your page stand out from the crowd (without resorting to "gimmicky" or "cute")
  • Attract readers with layout and graphics (without turning yourself into a designer or a techie)

MODULE 4: Publish your page and keep growing your online presence.

  • Run the 5-point checklist on your page and hit "Publish!" and get it published 
  • Leverage your page to build your online presence with social media bios, networking introductons and more
  • Understand why your clients want you to brag (yes - they really do!) and claim your bragging rights every day
  • Plan a "pivot ready" About Page and know exactly how to modify your page for a business pivot (because it's gonna happen someday, no matter what you're doing now)  


BONUS #1: My Udemy course "Copywriting For Non-Copywriters" (List price $25)

BONUS #2: Private Facebook group to ask questions and post drafts

BONUS #3: Video review of your About Page (when you submit your page within 5 business days after the last class -- we want you to get your page out there!) 

EARLY BIRD BONUSES: First 10 people only 

30-minute one-to-one consultation with me (to be completed before the course starts)

OR if you're not big on consultations: 

Any 2 of my home study courses - choose from:

  • Become A Copywriter
  • Brand Your Business One Story At A Time
  • Create Your Online Course

Get started today .... and never lose a client because your About Page wasn't there for you.

You're getting value you won't find elsewhere.

When a copywriter writes your About Page, you'll pay $250-$500...or even more. And if you need to modify your page you pay even more.

You'll also have to know what to tell the copywriter. What makes the most sense for you and your business?

You get:

4 Modules - LIVE - that guide you to a compelling About Page

Recordings of all modules for you to listen as often as you like

Action guides for each module

Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and post pages for review

Access to a Udemy course to supplement your knowledge

Unlimited access to materials after course is completed


I'm confident you'll love the course and you'll get terrific benefits. But I don't want "sad money." 

Just ask for a refund after the first module. I'll cheerfully refund your money and we'll part friends. 

"There are SO many free articles and courses available. Why on earth should I pay for this course?"

Good question. If you can get everything you need from a free article, go for it! 

But free articles won't help you...

...answer your questions in a foum

...decide how to structure your page for you, your business and your industry

...sort out all the conflicting advice you're getting ("first person vs. third person;" "how much to share about myself vs focusing on the client") to create your own About Page (which might be different from anyone else's)

...stay motivated and gain momentum to get your About Page done and published

"Four weeks seems like a LONG time to write a page."

If you're starting cold that's not long at all. Many of my clients have been living with missing or incomplete About Pages for weeks or months! 

And if you want to move faster you'll benefit from tips and tweaking available via the Facebook group.

"Four weeks seems like a SHORT time to write a page."

If you've been putting off your page for months, or if you have a super-busy schedule, you may have the opposite reaction -- too short! You'll find the momentum of the course and the opportunity to get feedback will accelerate your progress. Plus you get templates and tips to move along. You can even volunteer for a course "hot seat" to get my personal attention to your page.