For Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners

When One Project Stands Between You And Your Next Big Chunk of Revenue.

The 90-Day "Get It Done" Program gives you affordable private coaching to complete a project that will bring in significant revenue.

Take this opportunity to...


I've been creating courses for years - as a college prof and online business.

We'll get your course up and running faster than you could on your own...and you'll be market-ready with a sales page draft and plan, too.


Writing website copy can take forever..unless you've done it 100X, like I have. If you want to DIY your copy and plan the design, we''ll get moving.

Website copywriting: Easiest task to put off till "whenever."

We'll fix that.


You've got the you need a sales letter and launch emails, too.

Maybe a landing page or two for the intro webinars.

Get the product off your hard drive and start seeing revenue.


Create your 7-step signature system? Draft your landing page and lead magnet?
Revise your about page?
Find your selling story? Turn that PLR into a project?

Set your own 90-day goals (maybe more than 1) and we'll get a plan in place to make it happen.

From "None" to "Done" In 90 Days

copy coaching for big projects

6 one-to-one 60-minute screen-share sessions for strategizing, brainstorming, copy coaching, and/or feedback. Each session moves you closer to finishing your project and enjoying the rewards: stronger messaging, more ideal clients, and more revenue. 

copy coaching with cathy goodwin for small businesses and service businesses

Access to a time-saving tool box of resources, swipe files, tips, templates and strategies that you normally get only if you're a full-time copywriter.

copy coaching for service business owners by cathy goodwin

On-call email coaching help when you need quick feedback or a question answered (so you benefit from my "been there, done that" experience .... and have more time for working with clients, spending time with family, and just plain goofing off)

Best of all... You develop skills and resources so your next project will be much, much easier to implement. If you like being hands-on, you'll love this program. 

"What's the cost?"

$950 includes 6 60-minute sessions, 90 days of email coaching, a bonus "after it's done" 30-minute call, and any 3 of my self-paced video courses. Email coaching gives you answers to questions and feedback on your materials, usually within 1 business day.

Because this program is new, it's just $950 (or 2 payments of $500) for THREE MONTHS. It's a fraction of what you'd pay to hire a Done-For-You team.

Consider the cost of NOT getting it done...or saving 10 hours of your billable time.  Why wait? I usually book 1-2 weeks ahead. Click on the link below to get started.

"I'm ready to complete my project in 90 days!" 


"How do I know if my project will be a good fit?"

Send me a message here.

"Just 90 days to do this?" 

When you've got a big project, a HUGE amount of time gets spent on your learning curve.  Chances are I've done this a hundred times -- for myself or for my clients.  

"Who should NOT sign up?"

This program will be most beneficial if you have identified your market and have a pretty good idea of what they will pay for. If you're in a newer stage, let's start with the Strategic Intensive and tailor a program for you.

"I'd like to get to know you more before starting the program."

Good idea. If you're new to my community, start with the Strategic Intensive for $350.

When you move to this 90-day program, you'll get a credit for $350 and we'll use 5 rather than 6 calls. You'll get the 90 days of email coaching too.

"Where can I ask more questions about the program?"

Send me a message here.  

marketing credibility for small business

Imagine how you'll feel when that Next Big Thing becomes the Thing Just Done.

Not someday...not a year from now. Just 90 days from when you start!